Rules of the game
The general object of the game is for participants to roll each of their BOWLS as close as possible to a single small white ball called the JACK ...
    Brief history
Historians suggest it made its way across Europe with Julius Caesar's centurions. By the 13th Century, "bowls", was entrenched in Britain.
Come and try lawn bowling in the tropics. Phuket is the perfect place and you can also play it here at Kamala Bowling Club. Learn the art of the game; our club will supply everything like shoes, bowls and towels. You donít bring anything to enjoy the game.
And if you’re new to the sport that has captivated the heart of millions , we teach you the rules and the rudiments of the game and the rest will be fun!
Every afternoon at about 3 pm join the other club members who bowl regularly here at Kamala Bowling Club and meet the friendly British owner.
    We have bar at the club!
From 12 noon til late, enjoy karaoke, beer and wine plus snacks. Hotel pickup is available for a very minor charge....
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